A Perfect Metaphor: The 2016 Election


It was November 7, 2017 and America was lying in bed, binging a reality show after sorting through the latest that Netflix’s often slightly disappointing slate of candidates had to offer. The first season had been a complete disaster, yet in a way that made it impossible to turn away. As America laid awake in bed after the upsetting season finale,(in which a character that had no business playing such a large role in the plot ended up changing everything) she was greeted by the infamous Netflix trademark, the prompt of “Are you still watching?” It was at this point she considered her options.

On one hand, America had to work in the morning. If she went to bed now, she could put the mess that was the first season of this show behind her and move on. Tomorrow would be a normal day, and she could have probably forgotten the show ever existed. No longer would she have to deal with sudden ignorance of main plot lines to revisit something the antagonist had done, no more would there destruction and disparagement of characters she loved dearly, and certainly no more of that slight orange filtering the show seems so intent on using. Yes, this was an easy decision. America could go to bed early with full confidence the she had made the correct choice Continue reading “A Perfect Metaphor: The 2016 Election”