Midterm Senate Blues: How Are People Not Getting It?

As we approach the midterm elections, the biggest and most important of my lifetime, I cannot help but obsessively read polling information that gives me feelings ranging from glee to pure anger. It truly blows my mind each day as I scroll through the news that the clown show that is the Trump administration still has two fairly strong legs to stand on. I mean, seriously, he screws up even the most menial tasks in such extraordinary ways that it is unimaginable that people out there still think of him as a stable genius.

In the last week or so I have been paying closer attention to Heidi Heitkamp and her race for the Senate in North Dakota. The reason for this is because I have heard some theorize that her bravery in standing up against Kavanaugh had a better chance of galvanizing Democratic and Independent than if she were to take a similar course of action as Joe Manchin. Well, according to an article on 538 this has not been the case. Heitkamp has actually been losing ground in recent weeks which is crazy for me to think about. I understand that she is in a near impossible state for a Democrat to win, but if she could do it before Trump turned the GOP into a dog and pony show, how is it possible republicans are energized enough to defeat her this time. Do they get news other than Fox in North Dakota? Are they at all aware of how proud of their senator they should be after her incredible performance on the national stage? Fuck.

Beto O Rourke is a different story in my opinion. While his polling numbers still show him slightly behind for the most part, his opponent is Ted fuckin Cruz! The human man with a face made of plastic and a personality that could piss off even the most tolerant person we have. This is why I am not going to write off Beto based on any polling numbers I see. We all know and love him, and understand the tremendous energy that seems to follow him everywhere he goes. In what world could arguably the best Senate candidate we have lose to a man who is DESPISED by everyone even in his own party? I will hold out hope that come Election Day Beto will turn out voters while Teddy Bear causes republicans to decide to stay home. Like most liberals, I’ll be in anguish the day this race comes to an end. If it doesn’t fall in Beto’s favor, you can find me blackout drunk. And if it does? You can find me blackout drunk.

The last major thought I have had, in wake of our latest climate doomsday report, is how badly will this issue expose Trump and his Republican cronies. Most of us have probably caught the gist of the most recent U.N. report, and it basically said we’re fucked unless we act now. Well, what could be a bigger issue than the end of the world as we know it? Wouldn’t it be an issue to any person who lives on this entire planet, regardless of political affiliation? Like, we’re receiving information that this is worse than we ever thought, and people like Donald Trump and Marco Rubio continue to call it a left-wing hoax. Left wing hoax? Is the entire world other than the GOP left-wingers then? Fuck, maybe I should move. My hope is that on any debate stage this issue is brought up, and Republicans are called to answer what could be the most serious question of our time. They will either be completely exposed, or they will have to acknowledge that they have been lying this whole time and start taking the issue seriously (HAHAHAHA).

Anyways, these are the things that are keeping me up at night for the time being. Others who have similar angst are more than welcome to share here, I promise you’ll be well received.

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