Jerry Brown Leaves His Mark

In recent weeks California’s governor, Jerry Brown, signed a bill that would legally require all California-based corporations to employ at least 1 woman on the board of directors. Landmark legislation such as this has not been seen in action in any of our 50 states, so this is an impressive statement by the Democratic governor and a seemingly large step towards gender parity in the work place. I do not claim to be an expert on matters such as gender equality in the workplace, however from what I have researched this appears to be an action supported by a large majority of American women, the people who would know best about their treatment in the work force.  

I have also seen certain criticisms (such as this article on Forbes that criticize the overall effectiveness of the bill in assuring true workplace parity for women. The author, Carrie Lukas, makes a very compelling case for why she does not feel the legislation will be effective. I still feel, though, that this is the wrong scope to look through when it comes to a progressive governor making a statement such as this. Overlooking the potential cultural impact legislation like this can often miss the point of why it is important that our politicians take bold stances in favor of progress.  

While the bill may have certain legal issues that hold it back from being implicated, as the governor said himself, it is important that Democratic politicians continue to publicly fight for what we believe in. From what I have gathered, the best way to galvanize current voters and attract young people who have never voted before, is to show passion for a cause that citizens get behind. The reality is a lot of voters will never follow-up in the years to come on things such as this bill’s overall effectiveness from a numbers standpoint. They will, however, remember that the Democratic governor in California is bold enough to take a stance like this on behalf of women.

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