Brett The Threat (To Democracy): We Are Permanently Worse Off

As we all fully expected, and was predicted on this blog, Susan Collins has once again shown her true colors and failed to break from party lines to do the bidding of a compromised and dangerous President. Not only did Susan Collins condemn our next generation to existing under the constitution at Brett Kavanaugh sees fit, but she also lectured us for what seemed like an eternity in a holier-than-thou manner that personally made me sicker than Brett after Beach Week (All of us went to a beach in high school with or friends to eat spicy food, right?”).

I do not have the energy to spend a lot of time denouncing Susan Collins because giving her any more of my energy after this confirmation process is simply not possible. For that reason, I will choose to commend her fellow female republican senator (my iPhone just asked if I was sure I wanted to use the word “female” in front of republican, because even my iPhone 6 knows it makes no sense for those two words to be consecutive) Lisa Murkowski. Lisa’s vote gave me a brief dash of hope this morning that was a breath of fresh air in what has been yet another disgusting news cycle. Good for her in sticking up for her constituents and fellow women who were clearly not heard by Susan Collins.

The reality is, we are stuck with Brett Kavanaugh. Our lifetime will be significantly impacted by the way he interprets the constitution. Our lifetime will potentially not last long enough to see whatever horrible stain it is that he leaves on the Supreme Court washed away by the hopefully better people the next generation nominated for office. This frustrates me to no end. As someone who does not deny biology and accepts that I am merely a result life before me evolving, I simply hope that I can be alive to see the great potential of what human beings are capable of reach the full potential of its capabilities. That is why America is always great, because it gives people the chance to do so. While I am not saying that Brett Kavanaugh has the power to stifle this great power of humanity, he has the power to limit its ceiling. If Brett The Threat (To Democracy) is able to enact his will and overturn Roe vs Wade, allow Donald Trump’s power to remain unchecked, restrict voters rights, and give power to health insurance companies and other large corporations then we will see the power of the Supreme Court suppress our next generation all due to a corrupt man and process.

My hope is that the power of individuals from every background will continue to be resilient in the face of unbelievable abuse of power. We know women will not quit in their fight for true equality, and I have faith in my fellow males to do the same, and hopefully evil loses out in the end.

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