It’s Been A Relatively Slow Newsweek: Am I The Only One This Enrages?

As a quick disclaimer, the word relatively in this case is does not necessarily carry the exact same weight as it would in a normal context. Relative to a time when a competent person occupied the oval office, this week has been filled with incredible scandal that has continuously been brushed off because the public has accepted that Donald Trump operates with no checks to his power and getting worked up over these things on a daily basis becomes exhausting. So far this week we have seen a sitting GOP congressman, Steven King, openly discussing white nationalism on twitter, Eric Trump using anti-semitic language on a national television program, Donald Trump touting an “unsung success” in regards to a hurricane in Puerto Rico that tallied a death toll of roughly 3,000 CITIZENS OF OUR COUNTRY, and this only begins to cite the most notable of nonsense being perpetrated upon us as a result of Donald Trump’s presidency.

However, within the entire scope of Donald Trump’s presidency this week will go down certainly on the quiet side as far as scandal goes which only speaks to the immense amount of corruption following around this administration. There is something about these types of weeks within the last two years that have made me increasingly unsettled as they drag on until another absolute disaster is breaking all over my timeline. The reason for this is because I feel like within each week that does not involve a significant step forward in one of the many investigations that could actually fall Donald Trump lies a win for his base of red-hat-wearing racists. This is what Donald Trump and his supporters wanted when he was elected president. With each day that we bide time throughout this presidency racists feel emboldened to normalize their views, on-the-fence wealthy citizens receive benefits from the tax scam that make them forget how truly horrible our president is, and LINDSAY FUCKING GRAHAM gets to run and cozy up to Donald Plump and pretend that everything is going swimmingly with a stupid look on his face that makes me want to move to South Carolina just to vote against him.

It is for these very reasons that I find myself quietly enraged by the lack of heat coming towards this administration at any time. I want to see Donald Trump sweat as investigations close in on him. I want to see Donald Trump Jr’s smug face on the news with headlines indicating that he is in serious trouble. I want Sarah Huckabee to have to climb up onto that podium and look like the laughing-stock that we all know she is. It gives me great pleasure to see these things because it provides me with a feeling that maybe, just maybe, evil will crumble to the ground in a heap of red hats and a time of reason and acceptance will emerge from this. I do not feel this means I am rooting against the success of our nation because I think it is such a far gone conclusion that the incompetence of this administration will be the stain of this century that silence from a major news standpoint is only a matter of time until disaster strikes again. We do not need to waste our time pretending anything else is the truth.

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