Collins and Murkowski: A Vote for Brett is One We Won’t Forget



While we watch the Brett Kavanaugh hearings play out I cannot help but feel as though this is all a big dress rehearsal for a play that is quite frankly not going to happen. I understand that this is an opportunity on the national stage to expose Senate republicans as the small, deceitful, lying, traitorous bunch of suits that they are. However, I am also noticing a trend that has come to the forefront in almost all important Senate decisions since The Wig In Chief took office. This trend is the ongoing pandering to Senators Collins and Murkowski to act as some type of centrist force within a broken party.

Susan Collins is not a friend of the Democratic party, in my opinion. As a matter of fact I feel that she is using our hopefulness that the greater good will prevail against us as a way to further her image as a centrist republican in the time of right-wing lunatics. Time after time Collins pretends as if she is undecided in her vote to continue to gain notoriety and attention that sheds a light on her as someone who can be reasoned with. It is clear this is not the case. The reality is that with the razor-thin majority currently held by republicans we do not have to wonder where she stands among her party in their continued abetting of a criminal occupying the executive branch. With all of her votes, she could wield tremendous power in terms of checks and balances on an unstable man passing along unstable policies to a nation left at the mercy of his dementia. Instead, she tweets. She acts as though she stands one rung above her colleagues because she keeps an open mind before she casts another vote in the slow destruction of rule of law in our country. This continued charade that what is happening within The White House is within political norms is a tremendous threat to the future of our nation that Susan Collins is exploiting for all that it is worth.

The other, and in my opinion less frustrating, member of this terrible twosome is Senator Lisa Murkowski. While I have not found that Lisa Murkowski has intentionally thrust herself into the spotlight in the manner with which Susan Collins has, all sentiments in regards to checking our disgrace of a leader remain true with Lisa Murkowski. I applaud Murkowski for her vote against party lines during the attempted repeal of the Affordable Care Act (I realize Susan Collins also voted against the repeal, but she just makes me so angry) and I loathe her decision to essentially compromise the same act she saved by voting “yes” on the tax scam that bought Jeff Bezos his tenth yacht. However, the third time is the charm for these two ladies and I have nothing but the lowest of expectations.

We all know the stakes of this potential confirmation, but let me leave you with a thought that has not left me. Has Donald Trump permanently destroyed the lives of immigrant children? Yes. Has Donald Trump created a chasm of hatred throughout our nation that will take generations to heal? Yes. Has Donald Trump done so many fucking despicable things that just racking my brain about all of them has led me to near rage? Yes. These things are undeniable. However, this potential confirmation has the potential to be his greatest and most destructive act of evil. While I know the significance of all the humanitarian disasters Donald Trump has caused cannot be understated, I also know that his bad policies can be reversed through the power of voting blue. His tax scam can be helped by a democratic congress. His attempt to destroy our healthcare can be stopped by our votes. His despicable ignorance in terms of the environment can be turned around by a democrat in the executive branch. However, if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, we are left with a destructive force of his administration for the foreseeable future. No impeachment, indictment, or removal from office can stop Brett Kavanaugh from protecting the interests of Don and his cast of morons for the next thirty years, and that is what troubles me the most about his potential confirmation. It is an irreversible Donald Trump decision, the worst kind of decision in my book.

This is why I have no time for Susan and Lisa to act as though this must be considered. It is a flat out fact that this confirmation would be a stain on our nation and if they allow it, they are just as much like the rest of the Senate republicans as we thought they were.

P.S. I do know if republican is spelled with a capital R, but I do not care. As far as I am concerned if the word toilet does not need to be capitalized then neither does the word republican. They are on in the same, except I have a use for toilets.


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