Midterm Senate Blues: How Are People Not Getting It?

As we approach the midterm elections, the biggest and most important of my lifetime, I cannot help but obsessively read polling information that gives me feelings ranging from glee to pure anger. It truly blows my mind each day as I scroll through the news that the clown show that is the Trump administration still has two fairly strong legs to stand on. I mean, seriously, he screws up even the most menial tasks in such extraordinary ways that it is unimaginable that people out there still think of him as a stable genius.

In the last week or so I have been paying closer attention to Heidi Heitkamp and her race for the Senate in North Dakota. The reason for this is because I have heard some theorize that her bravery in standing up against Kavanaugh had a better chance of galvanizing Democratic and Independent than if she were to take a similar course of action as Joe Manchin. Well, according to an article on 538 this has not been the case. Heitkamp has actually been losing ground in recent weeks which is crazy for me to think about. I understand that she is in a near impossible state for a Democrat to win, but if she could do it before Trump turned the GOP into a dog and pony show, how is it possible republicans are energized enough to defeat her this time. Do they get news other than Fox in North Dakota? Are they at all aware of how proud of their senator they should be after her incredible performance on the national stage? Fuck.

Beto O Rourke is a different story in my opinion. While his polling numbers still show him slightly behind for the most part, his opponent is Ted fuckin Cruz! The human man with a face made of plastic and a personality that could piss off even the most tolerant person we have. This is why I am not going to write off Beto based on any polling numbers I see. We all know and love him, and understand the tremendous energy that seems to follow him everywhere he goes. In what world could arguably the best Senate candidate we have lose to a man who is DESPISED by everyone even in his own party? I will hold out hope that come Election Day Beto will turn out voters while Teddy Bear causes republicans to decide to stay home. Like most liberals, I’ll be in anguish the day this race comes to an end. If it doesn’t fall in Beto’s favor, you can find me blackout drunk. And if it does? You can find me blackout drunk.

The last major thought I have had, in wake of our latest climate doomsday report, is how badly will this issue expose Trump and his Republican cronies. Most of us have probably caught the gist of the most recent U.N. report, and it basically said we’re fucked unless we act now. Well, what could be a bigger issue than the end of the world as we know it? Wouldn’t it be an issue to any person who lives on this entire planet, regardless of political affiliation? Like, we’re receiving information that this is worse than we ever thought, and people like Donald Trump and Marco Rubio continue to call it a left-wing hoax. Left wing hoax? Is the entire world other than the GOP left-wingers then? Fuck, maybe I should move. My hope is that on any debate stage this issue is brought up, and Republicans are called to answer what could be the most serious question of our time. They will either be completely exposed, or they will have to acknowledge that they have been lying this whole time and start taking the issue seriously (HAHAHAHA).

Anyways, these are the things that are keeping me up at night for the time being. Others who have similar angst are more than welcome to share here, I promise you’ll be well received.

Jerry Brown Leaves His Mark

In recent weeks California’s governor, Jerry Brown, signed a bill that would legally require all California-based corporations to employ at least 1 woman on the board of directors. Landmark legislation such as this has not been seen in action in any of our 50 states, so this is an impressive statement by the Democratic governor and a seemingly large step towards gender parity in the work place. I do not claim to be an expert on matters such as gender equality in the workplace, however from what I have researched this appears to be an action supported by a large majority of American women, the people who would know best about their treatment in the work force.  

I have also seen certain criticisms (such as this article on Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/carrielukas/2018/10/01/california-quota-bill-wont-help-women/#228050a26b7c) that criticize the overall effectiveness of the bill in assuring true workplace parity for women. The author, Carrie Lukas, makes a very compelling case for why she does not feel the legislation will be effective. I still feel, though, that this is the wrong scope to look through when it comes to a progressive governor making a statement such as this. Overlooking the potential cultural impact legislation like this can often miss the point of why it is important that our politicians take bold stances in favor of progress.  

While the bill may have certain legal issues that hold it back from being implicated, as the governor said himself, it is important that Democratic politicians continue to publicly fight for what we believe in. From what I have gathered, the best way to galvanize current voters and attract young people who have never voted before, is to show passion for a cause that citizens get behind. The reality is a lot of voters will never follow-up in the years to come on things such as this bill’s overall effectiveness from a numbers standpoint. They will, however, remember that the Democratic governor in California is bold enough to take a stance like this on behalf of women.

Brett The Threat (To Democracy): We Are Permanently Worse Off

As we all fully expected, and was predicted on this blog, Susan Collins has once again shown her true colors and failed to break from party lines to do the bidding of a compromised and dangerous President. Not only did Susan Collins condemn our next generation to existing under the constitution at Brett Kavanaugh sees fit, but she also lectured us for what seemed like an eternity in a holier-than-thou manner that personally made me sicker than Brett after Beach Week (All of us went to a beach in high school with or friends to eat spicy food, right?”).

I do not have the energy to spend a lot of time denouncing Susan Collins because giving her any more of my energy after this confirmation process is simply not possible. For that reason, I will choose to commend her fellow female republican senator (my iPhone just asked if I was sure I wanted to use the word “female” in front of republican, because even my iPhone 6 knows it makes no sense for those two words to be consecutive) Lisa Murkowski. Lisa’s vote gave me a brief dash of hope this morning that was a breath of fresh air in what has been yet another disgusting news cycle. Good for her in sticking up for her constituents and fellow women who were clearly not heard by Susan Collins.

The reality is, we are stuck with Brett Kavanaugh. Our lifetime will be significantly impacted by the way he interprets the constitution. Our lifetime will potentially not last long enough to see whatever horrible stain it is that he leaves on the Supreme Court washed away by the hopefully better people the next generation nominated for office. This frustrates me to no end. As someone who does not deny biology and accepts that I am merely a result life before me evolving, I simply hope that I can be alive to see the great potential of what human beings are capable of reach the full potential of its capabilities. That is why America is always great, because it gives people the chance to do so. While I am not saying that Brett Kavanaugh has the power to stifle this great power of humanity, he has the power to limit its ceiling. If Brett The Threat (To Democracy) is able to enact his will and overturn Roe vs Wade, allow Donald Trump’s power to remain unchecked, restrict voters rights, and give power to health insurance companies and other large corporations then we will see the power of the Supreme Court suppress our next generation all due to a corrupt man and process.

My hope is that the power of individuals from every background will continue to be resilient in the face of unbelievable abuse of power. We know women will not quit in their fight for true equality, and I have faith in my fellow males to do the same, and hopefully evil loses out in the end.

This Week In Politics: Who’s Hot Who’s Not

After another long week in what continues to be the most heinous use of power in our country’s recent history it is often easier to focus on the negative. I prefer not to think of it this way. Instead we will not be focusing on the negative within this blog, but rather we will be directing our inner most anger towards those causing the negativity and hoping that it makes us feel better. Enjoy!

Who’s Hot


Sleeping Giants

This twitter account has been more productive than any grassroots efforts that I have seen in terms of stifling hate-speech and stripping websites such as Breitbart of huge amounts of advertising dollars. By building a large following of volunteers who merely show companies the headlines their ads are appearing next to, this movement has stoked a lot of anger from the alt-right racist corners of the internet. Not to worry, Sleeping Giants continues to fight the good fight against racism, and for that we say, hats off!



We all know who she is. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the boss from New York who has arrived on the scene with a big middle finger to all anti-women, racists, and corporate apologist politicians. These are the reasons us progressives love her on top of the fact that she is fighting for our healthcare, long-term economy, and social security.

Well, this weekend she gave us one more reason to love her. After our favorite piece of absolute shit Charlie Kirk attempted to attack her for the clothes she wore in a magazine shoot AOC dribbled down the lane and jumped from the free throw line before throwing down on Trumps favorite pet in a manner that quite frankly got me more excited than any tweet I can remember. Bravo, AOC. You rock.

Who’s Not

Brett Kavanagh Nomination Process:


Is it a testament to how truly lost the republican party is that I can hear about how a judge, who is up for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, has been accused of sexual misconduct and my first words are, “that won’t matter.”. This is where we are at with a party only interested in gathering the most possible power that they can before departing public service and taking baths in $100 bills. I mean seriously, Chuck Grassley, can you please just go home and spend your last few summers letting everyone else decide what is best for the future of our nation?

Anyways, it is not looking good for us Democrats in this nomination process as Susan Collins is still the fraud she claims not to be and Lisa Murkowski seems to have clearly forgotten about all her voters. Not to mention the big bad trio of Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and Ben Sasse whom all seem to think their seats in the Senate are merely for spectating the nominations as opposed to maybe checking the power of our moron in chief. Stay tuned in this fight if you enjoy the feeling of inevitable disappointment.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

So, it was just another day in the nations capitol. The wind was blowing as Fall moves in on all of us much slower than usual while republican politicians deny climate change. You know, just another day. And then, would you look at that? The president has accused Democrats of faking the deaths of 3,000 Puerto Ricans all because he has the maturity level of a 2nd grader and cannot stand the thought of being blamed for his own incompetence. Thank god for those checks and balances in Congress! Paul Ryan what will you do about this disaster that left more dead than the 9/11 attacks on our nation? Will you hold hearings to try and get to the bottom of why our response was so inadequate that it took nearly a year to regain power in this territory? NO!

Instead Paul Ryan did the brave deed of saying that no person is to blame for this terrible thing that happened to an “isolated” island that we just happen to own. Well shucks, Paul Ryan, that’s too bad. I guess its cool if you just go back to gutting social security and Medicare because we need to produce record military spending! Good lord. This man has the political courage of a piece of gum on the street and seems to think that inaction is the only thing we are capable of when it comes to guns and disasters. Paul Ryan, you have protected this President more so than nearly anyone else. Your name will go down on the wrong side of history as someone who enabled the worst administration of this century with your tail tucked between your legs.

Eric Trump

eric trump

Last but not least, we have the pathetic spawn of a pathetic man who has for some reason began to think he is qualified to speak publicly on issues facing our nation. For god sake, we already have to deal with Don Jr (the man with more hair grease than John Stamos in Full House), Ivanka and her evil husband Jared (who increasingly remind me of the couple in Tommy Boy who try to destroy Callahan Auto Parts), and now we have to listen to Eric Trump. He started off the week hot by using anti-semitic language in an interview on Fox News and riling up the rest of us who, you know, are not anti-semitic. Did daddy have any condemnation for such language his son was-… I’m not even gonna bother finishing that question.

Next, Eric decided he would go on an interview conducted on the Fox radio network (Fox sure loves talking to Trump’s, huh?) and tout lies about how well his fathers economy was doing. In the middle of his claims that Obama never came close to 4% GDP in a quarter, Eric Trump was interrupted to the tune of something like, “Hey dude, you aren’t telling the truth”. At this point he was shown statistics that proved his gutless lying. Oh, how I wish I could have seen his face as he was being corrected. Just to watch the humiliation would have been so sweet. I can picture him afterwards feeling awfully down about himself, but making himself feel better by depositing A million dollars of daddy’s money into his bank account and checking white nationalist reddit pages.

That wraps up this weeks roundup of “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not”. Check back next Saturday for more rants about moron republicans.

It’s Been A Relatively Slow Newsweek: Am I The Only One This Enrages?

As a quick disclaimer, the word relatively in this case is does not necessarily carry the exact same weight as it would in a normal context. Relative to a time when a competent person occupied the oval office, this week has been filled with incredible scandal that has continuously been brushed off because the public has accepted that Donald Trump operates with no checks to his power and getting worked up over these things on a daily basis becomes exhausting. So far this week we have seen a sitting GOP congressman, Steven King, openly discussing white nationalism on twitter, Eric Trump using anti-semitic language on a national television program, Donald Trump touting an “unsung success” in regards to a hurricane in Puerto Rico that tallied a death toll of roughly 3,000 CITIZENS OF OUR COUNTRY, and this only begins to cite the most notable of nonsense being perpetrated upon us as a result of Donald Trump’s presidency.

However, within the entire scope of Donald Trump’s presidency this week will go down certainly on the quiet side as far as scandal goes which only speaks to the immense amount of corruption following around this administration. There is something about these types of weeks within the last two years that have made me increasingly unsettled as they drag on until another absolute disaster is breaking all over my timeline. The reason for this is because I feel like within each week that does not involve a significant step forward in one of the many investigations that could actually fall Donald Trump lies a win for his base of red-hat-wearing racists. This is what Donald Trump and his supporters wanted when he was elected president. With each day that we bide time throughout this presidency racists feel emboldened to normalize their views, on-the-fence wealthy citizens receive benefits from the tax scam that make them forget how truly horrible our president is, and LINDSAY FUCKING GRAHAM gets to run and cozy up to Donald Plump and pretend that everything is going swimmingly with a stupid look on his face that makes me want to move to South Carolina just to vote against him.

It is for these very reasons that I find myself quietly enraged by the lack of heat coming towards this administration at any time. I want to see Donald Trump sweat as investigations close in on him. I want to see Donald Trump Jr’s smug face on the news with headlines indicating that he is in serious trouble. I want Sarah Huckabee to have to climb up onto that podium and look like the laughing-stock that we all know she is. It gives me great pleasure to see these things because it provides me with a feeling that maybe, just maybe, evil will crumble to the ground in a heap of red hats and a time of reason and acceptance will emerge from this. I do not feel this means I am rooting against the success of our nation because I think it is such a far gone conclusion that the incompetence of this administration will be the stain of this century that silence from a major news standpoint is only a matter of time until disaster strikes again. We do not need to waste our time pretending anything else is the truth.

Collins and Murkowski: A Vote for Brett is One We Won’t Forget



While we watch the Brett Kavanaugh hearings play out I cannot help but feel as though this is all a big dress rehearsal for a play that is quite frankly not going to happen. I understand that this is an opportunity on the national stage to expose Senate republicans as the small, deceitful, lying, traitorous bunch of suits that they are. However, I am also noticing a trend that has come to the forefront in almost all important Senate decisions since The Wig In Chief took office. This trend is the ongoing pandering to Senators Collins and Murkowski to act as some type of centrist force within a broken party.

Susan Collins is not a friend of the Democratic party, in my opinion. As a matter of fact I feel that she is using our hopefulness that the greater good will prevail against us as a way to further her image as a centrist republican in the time of right-wing lunatics. Time after time Collins pretends as if she is undecided in her vote to continue to gain notoriety and attention that sheds a light on her as someone who can be reasoned with. It is clear this is not the case. The reality is that with the razor-thin majority currently held by republicans we do not have to wonder where she stands among her party in their continued abetting of a criminal occupying the executive branch. With all of her votes, she could wield tremendous power in terms of checks and balances on an unstable man passing along unstable policies to a nation left at the mercy of his dementia. Instead, she tweets. She acts as though she stands one rung above her colleagues because she keeps an open mind before she casts another vote in the slow destruction of rule of law in our country. This continued charade that what is happening within The White House is within political norms is a tremendous threat to the future of our nation that Susan Collins is exploiting for all that it is worth.

The other, and in my opinion less frustrating, member of this terrible twosome is Senator Lisa Murkowski. While I have not found that Lisa Murkowski has intentionally thrust herself into the spotlight in the manner with which Susan Collins has, all sentiments in regards to checking our disgrace of a leader remain true with Lisa Murkowski. I applaud Murkowski for her vote against party lines during the attempted repeal of the Affordable Care Act (I realize Susan Collins also voted against the repeal, but she just makes me so angry) and I loathe her decision to essentially compromise the same act she saved by voting “yes” on the tax scam that bought Jeff Bezos his tenth yacht. However, the third time is the charm for these two ladies and I have nothing but the lowest of expectations.

We all know the stakes of this potential confirmation, but let me leave you with a thought that has not left me. Has Donald Trump permanently destroyed the lives of immigrant children? Yes. Has Donald Trump created a chasm of hatred throughout our nation that will take generations to heal? Yes. Has Donald Trump done so many fucking despicable things that just racking my brain about all of them has led me to near rage? Yes. These things are undeniable. However, this potential confirmation has the potential to be his greatest and most destructive act of evil. While I know the significance of all the humanitarian disasters Donald Trump has caused cannot be understated, I also know that his bad policies can be reversed through the power of voting blue. His tax scam can be helped by a democratic congress. His attempt to destroy our healthcare can be stopped by our votes. His despicable ignorance in terms of the environment can be turned around by a democrat in the executive branch. However, if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, we are left with a destructive force of his administration for the foreseeable future. No impeachment, indictment, or removal from office can stop Brett Kavanaugh from protecting the interests of Don and his cast of morons for the next thirty years, and that is what troubles me the most about his potential confirmation. It is an irreversible Donald Trump decision, the worst kind of decision in my book.

This is why I have no time for Susan and Lisa to act as though this must be considered. It is a flat out fact that this confirmation would be a stain on our nation and if they allow it, they are just as much like the rest of the Senate republicans as we thought they were.

P.S. I do know if republican is spelled with a capital R, but I do not care. As far as I am concerned if the word toilet does not need to be capitalized then neither does the word republican. They are on in the same, except I have a use for toilets.


Reporting for Rudy: A Sunday Morning


It’s Sunday morning, and as I wake up I am reminded what a beautiful weekly occasion this is. I am far enough removed from the stresses of last week that I am relaxed, yet slightly hungover, somehow not more so. I am also lying in bed with a full day of relaxation to look forward to no obstacles in the way of my plans to make sure that I have no plans. However, it is 2018, so not all is right in the world.

After spending some time getting acclimated to the day, it is at this point that I long on to Twitter dot com to see what the orange man with linguine salad for a haircut has done this time. We know the all to common run-of-the-mill headlines I would run into in a situation like this, and it is enough to make one crawl back into bed. However, just for the purpose of this exercise let’s say this particular week Donald has merely kidnapped babies, lied about it, lied about lying about it, expects the benefit of the doubt, and then quoted Dan Bongino in a tweet. Anyways, I am somehow able to suppress the rage built up from seeing these grotesque headlines and pea-brained Trump worshipers and motivate myself to enjoy the day I have ahead. After all, this isn’t Mr.Trump’s first week in his never ending quest to destroy a nation by securing the votes of those whose entire perspective of self worth is based around comparing who loves our flag the most. Continue reading “Reporting for Rudy: A Sunday Morning”